For this project I worked with a product manager to create a script. I storyboarded and created the rough sketches that was later transformed into the actual graphics that I created in Adobe Illustrator, then brought it into Flash to create the scenes that were stitched together in Premier. I selected the brand music and mixed it in with the voice recording and created the finished product that went on to be subtitled in several different languages.

It was broadcasted through various blogs, and social media channels.

For these projects, I teamed up with PLUMgrid's Marketing team to create these two videos that they used in their events. Artwork was created using Photoshop and Illustrator, effects were rendered in After Effects,then stitched together in Premier.

For these projects, I teamed up with Extreme Networks Marketing team. I shot the main footage and b-roll, created graphics, animated in Flash and lined up the elements in Premier.

To introduce Skalera in video format I Scripted and Story boarded this animation. We sent out some of the scenes to have animated through Fiver. To finish the project I made adjustments to the created animation pieces and reordered it so it would tell the story. I then was tasked to create the final scene, that consisted of scene creation and character animation.

For Numerify I worked with their marketing lead to create this short video. This project was made for quick turn around with footage they already had. I lined everything up in Premier and added some zoom effects. The video was later used in their events.