MartianKnight Design Ministry

Along time ago, in a different place and time there was a man named Moises who guided the Israelites into freedom from slavery. Moises was one who was guided to save God’s People from Pharaoh’s corrupt influence.  In the logo you will see three triangles. 1-2-3… Using Positive and Negative space, we can outline the shape of the first from the lower left corner to the cross at the top of the logo, and to the lower right of the logo. The second is using Positive space, and the third is the negative space inside of it. These triangles resemble the Three Pyramids and in this time there was Slavery. Today we can see this in modern structures in business and even closer to the heart, family. In these days, we call out to Our All Mighty Father through his son Jesus Christ. Only through Christ one can be saved.

MK – I am MartianKnight.

With the logo we can teach about the Mighty Elohim and how he is the Grand Architect of Everything; Visible and Invisible. He is The First and the Last; Beginning and the End; The Alpha and Omega; God of Hundreds of Names; Jehovah, Yhwh, Guru, Elohim; Blessing all of the Families and Tribes of Abraham. 

The Logo also symbolizes Calvary Hill where Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. In this time we also died on the cross with him so that we would not have to have the similar fate. For this endurance, he was blessed to receive resurrection and imprison Satin. Satin was captured and locked away for 1,000 years. After those 1,000 years he was let free and work on his kingdom. Satin also transsended into the Holy Spirit. Today 2,000 years after the death and resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His reign is over. The Lower left arrow symbolizes Forgiveness. Satin’s transsendence occurred at the same time as Jesus Christ resurrection for all to have been baptized by water to receive the Holy Spirit. Inspired through the arrow’s direction through the Cross at the top of the Logo.

Another arrow can be found from the outer space to the right of the “K,” leading through the Cross, resumbling that the only way is through Christ. 

The left of the “M”, signifies “That Christ is the Way.” 

The Logo is also shaped like a “Mighty K” in regard to the Mighty King that “All things are in His Creation.” 

The whole emblem can also resemble the shape of Noah’s Ach, or a Holy Tabernacle. 

The Negative Space to the right of the “K”, is also in the shape of a bird, reminding us that “We are much more than a bird.”

Jesus Christ left us one more commandment to observe: “Love One Another”. Names of Jesus Christ: Joshua; Prince of Peace, The Son of The All Mighty, The Way. He taught us All to Forgive.

The Two arrows together can also signify The Lines of Kane and Able. Leaving us two holy books; The Holy Scriptures, and The Quran. Lines that describe the lineage lines of good and evil, born from our Holy Mom and Dad,  Adam and Eve. Since Kain killed Able. Adam and Eve bore the Line of Seth to replace the Line of Able. 

The Space created Above the logo signifies “All Mighty God, above The Christ, Who is Above His Minister, Who is Above his Woman, Who is Above her Hair.” A woman’s glory is her hair, a mans glory is his woman, Christ’s glory is in his Minister, and God’s glory is everything.

AX – The Logo can also represent the Ax of God –  Luke 3:9

New Living Translation

Even now the ax of God’s judgment is poised, ready to sever the roots of the trees. Yes, every tree that does not produce good fruit will be chopped down and thrown into the fire.”

AK – Akathist –

OX – The ox that threshed the corn was by no means to be muzzled; he was to enjoy rest on the Sabbath as well as his master. Ex 23:12

For this reason, All symbolism in this logo create the letters “M” and “K” standing for MartianKnight. This Symbol is Our New “Symbol of Freedom.”